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Founded in 2016, Cakes and Events is the original idea of Vann Kimlay, located in Cambodia. It is an idea born out of a genuine love for the world of celebrations, color and glamour.
We are an online platform which is professionally aimed at helping you find and obtaining your needs, whatever it maybe as it relates to Events servicesand management. If your needs are events based, then you can talk to us, we simply get you connected to your specific needs.
If you have ever wanted any services such as, cooking service, all kinds of Cake& bread supply, event management planning, Pre – Wedding planning, Photography service, Flower decoration service for all events and party, Gift&Toy, Chair, table and tent rental service, and you could not get them, or this always seems a herculean task?, maybe because access to these services are far away or you simply don’t know how to go about getting them, and you probably have patronized other events management companies but you simply weren’t satisfied. Then, worry no more, that’s why we have come to the rescue. We offer these services with a clear distinctive and uniquedifference; we bring these services one step away from wherever you are in Cambodia. We bring the smile to your face and the glamour to your event.

“At Cakes and Events, we help dealers promote their businesses. We maximize the growth of your business in order to increase your sales volumes, promote your services and products on the open market. This we achieve by connecting you and your audience on our platform, making it easy for you to locate and communicate with your audience no matter where they are around Cambodia, our coverage is simply limitless.”
We have seen many companies here in Cambodia offer related services which covers a scanty range of services, some offer strictly sales of cakes, and others strictly sales of bread, or just rental services,etc, but these companies operates offline and lack the technology that “WE” offer. They are limited in coverage and static in operation. We do not acknowledge limitations, that is why we thought about a single online platform that simply takes away these limitations, gives you access to dealers and event managers all around Cambodia from wherever you
are.We bring you closer to all your event’s needs “in just one click”. You can therefore on our platform achieve tasks such as, Cakes & Bread booking, Events Booking, Chairs & Table rentals booking, Booking for food cooking at your event, etc.
Cakes and Events (was launched on (date) January 2017 and our services are open to every person from 18 years and above. Our services will be accessible throughout Cambodia.

About OurServices and Products

Booking for Cakes and bread

Cakes and Events help clients order cakes and bread online from different cake shops all around Cambodia. We connect you to your cake dealer of choice and we deliver your items as ordered from any of these dealers.

Booking for Event organizing

Our services span to events organization booking online as well, for Birthdays, House warming, Parties, Wedding, Graduations etc. We undertake full planning for your events, you only need to pick a date and we simply make you a guest at your event.

Booking for Chair, table and tents

We don’t just organize your events, we also render Chairs, Table and Tent rentals for your events even if we are not the organizers. But you will want to seek our complete assistance for a perfect setup of your event.

Booking for Food cooking

You can as well order bookings on our platform for Food cooking at your event, Party, Wedding, graduation ceremonies, House warming and so on.

Bookings for pre-wedding photography, flower decoration, and balloon decoration.

We also offer bookings for your Pre-wedding photography, anywhere around Cambodia, Flower décor, and Balloon décor etc.

To compliment it all we provide free delivery of our services, this is based on your location, but we surely have something for everyone so nobody is actually left out.

Other details may useful

What is the name and purpose of your website/company?

– Cakes and Events: – Help people who want to find things easy that they are hard to find it outside but cakes and Events only. – Help other businessmen to increase their sale volumes or promote services and products on the market.

When was the website/company founded? Its history?

– We are planning to launch this website 2017 January

What you do and how you do it.

– Cakes and events is one market platform or marketplace where buyer and seller meet. So we do is to promote their services and products for them.

Why did you start the website/company?

– We see so many websites selling many kinds of things but they are not as same as we do. We try our best to facilitate between buyers and sellers. Make sure they are known (sellers) and improving their sale. Make sure they can find what they want that they can not find anywhere beside us.

Who is your audience? If you have a business, what areas do you service?

– Our audience: All people both Businessmen and Individuals. Our service is everywhere in Cambodia.

What products and services do you provide/sell?

– In our website, is providing online platform booking and buyingproducts and providing cooking service, all kinds of Cake, event management planning, Pre – Wedding planning, Photography service, Flower decoration service for all events and party, Gift&Toy, Chair, table and tent rental service with free delivery base on areas.

About Services and Products Summary

– Online Booking for Event organizing such as Birthday, Party, Wedding, special party….etc.

– Online Booking Food cooking service for all ceremony, party, wedding, anniversary….ete.

– Online Booking for Chair, table and tents for rental service

– Online Booking for Pre-wedding, photography services

– Online Booking for Flower decoration for wedding or any ceremony, Balloon Decoration..etc